Crystal Pinkston is a native of New Jersey but, has lived in North Carolina for almost thirty years. She is an accomplished Fine/Graphic Artist and Sculpture. She has studied Advertising Design at the College of New Jersey, Mercer County Community College, NJ and Graphic/Web Design at the Art Institute of Charlotte, NC. Presently she is completing her Bachelor of Science degree in advertising from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, PA. She will graduate in 2018 and plan to pursue a Masters Degree.

Her artistry is unique and represents more modern elements of abstract expressionism. Her exploration of formal materials often transform into unfamiliar works of art. She is inspired by the world around her, people, nature, architecture and especially technology. The use of these elements forged together on canvas sometime unconventionally creates the essence of her artistry. All this is to provoke others to think about or see something, everyday items, situations, or experiences in a new way. Her selection process is spontaneous as well as experimental when expressing her craft. With each new work of art she finds new directions to experiment with, innovative and inspiring possibilities of how each of us can now view our surroundings a little differently. 

Delta Fine Art Center Gallery, Winston-Salem, NC​​

Nordstrom Art Gallery, Charlotte, NC​

Noda@28th Gallery, Charlotte, NC​

​Harrisburg Arts Fest, Harrisburg, NC

One Five O Gallery, Charlotte, NC

SouthEnd Dentistry Gallery, Charlotte, NC

African American Arts and Culture Festival, 
Downtown Raleigh, NC

October Gallery Art Fest 
Philadelphia, Pa

Pinkston's Art Studio Gallery
Charlotte, NC

Gregory Art Framing Gallery  
Huntersville, NC 

8th Annual Delta Legacy Film Fest
Charlotte, NC

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