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Crystal Pinkston
Emerging artist Crystal Pinkston is a native of New Jersey, who has resigned in North Carolina for the past 25 years. Although, she has worked most of her professional career 18+ years in law enforcement, she has been a freelance artist for over 30 years. Born a natural artist, she has built a life surrounding herself with the arts. Creative in spirit, she is always in tuned and focused on creating paintings and sculpting images. Her formal education followed her life’s passion. Pinkston attended The University of New Jersey studying Advertising & Design, Mercer County Community College, studying Graphic Art. She later transferred to the Art Institute of Charlotte with a focus on web design/graphics and then graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pa with a degree in Applied Science of Advertising and Graphic Design. Along her journey she worked in law enforcement to support her family and enabled her to pursue her passion for art. Over her career, she has taken classes in leadership, management and interior construction which have brought her to this point. Working as a Free Lance Artist for a host of individuals and organizations, she has acquired skills in fine art, commercial advertising, marketing, and interior designing. She spends her time dreaming of expanding her business (Pinkston's Art LLC), which materialized in 2010 with her business partner and artist sister Brenda. 
Crystal Pinkston's Artist Statement
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My artwork represents my visions and concepts I take from everyday life. I like to create small models before constructing large dimensional images. My paintings and dimensional mix media paintings uses unconventional materials or subject matters. I draw my inspiration from all directions to create my own point view. I value spontaneity and self-expression in all my work.
I create work to allow viewers to experience the layers of complexity using everyday items and experience them in a new way. My material selection process is spontaneous as well as experimental from wasted paper, pebbles, re-claimed leather scraps to broken glass collected and turned into live art with each item representing an element in history. With each new work of art, I develop new levels of appreciations to embody the intimacy involved within the creation. I define new innovative inspiring possibilities of how I view art. I am currently expanding and creating artwork series. These series of collective artwork will embody a new foundation of my artistry and endeavors of how I see and record my passionate inner thoughts.  


VAPA, The Visual & Performing Arts Center, Charlotte, NC

Pinkstons Art Studio Gallery , Charlotte, NC

9189 Studio Gallery, Charlotte, NC​​

Delta Fine Art Center Gallery, Winston-Salem, NC​​

Nordstrom Art Gallery, Charlotte, NC​

Noda@28th Gallery, Charlotte, NC​

​Harrisburg Arts Fest, Harrisburg, NC

One Five O Gallery, Charlotte, NC

SouthEnd Dentistry Gallery, Charlotte, NC

African American Arts and Culture Festival, 
Downtown Raleigh, NC

October Gallery Art Fest 
Philadelphia, Pa

Pinkston's Art Studio Gallery
Charlotte, NC

Gregory Art Framing Gallery  
Huntersville, NC 

8th Annual Delta Legacy Film Fest
Charlotte, NC


The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, PA Bachelor of Arts, Applied Science in Advertising


• Avid Pro Tools
• Adobe After Effects, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator,
• Corporate Branding
• Production Standards • Project Management
• Business Development
• Microsoft Office Expertise
• Behavioral Intervention Certified


Pinkston's Art LLC - Harrisburg, NC
• Support product branding strategies
• Manage milestones and client / consumer feedback
• Facilitate and Manage business development opportunities
• Recommend strategic adoptions to capitalize on projected changes
• Create and update trend boards and investigate changing conditions
• Develop collateral such as display, marketing and packaging materials
• Coordinate, create and schedule content, designs and updates to clients
• Foster relationships with clients through presentations and technologies
• Manage all phases of product development and conceptualizing designs
• Develop product prototype designs, via various technology(s) / software